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Neenah Coldenhove
Neenah Coldenhove digital transfer paper webinars
Behind every bright custom printed textile, there is a story that starts with a printer, ink and most commonly… transfer paper. What is the influence of transfer paper in a printing process? Do you need to worry about the environment by using paper? And what is the difference between paper in your copier and transfer paper in the first place?

This and more will be covered in the virtual webinars held by Neenah Coldenhove. Join our webinars for an in-depth look at what it really takes to get a high quality print on your substrates. Kicking off on June, 17th our experts will share their know-how on  the relevance of transfer papers in digital print as well as the differences between the various types of  transfer papers and printer platforms. 

Together with the audience, our experts will examine the facts behind the popular beliefs that we hear in the market about transfer paper. From achieving high colour brilliance with less ink to tips and tricks on how to print light colours onto black and the truth about sustainability in the paper industry, the attendees will gain a strong understanding of the current state of digital transfer papers.

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Join our webinar: 'Myths vs. Reality - Heat Transfer Papers'

Wednesday 17th June 
15.30 CET / 9:30 EDT / 8:30 CDT
Is there only one way to transfer images onto hard surfaces?  Is it always better to use Inkjet transfer paper no matter what type of images I am using ?  Why can’t I use my hand iron with all heat transfer papers?  Can self-weeding occur with all types of heat transfer papers?

This webinar will address these and other popular questions about heat transfer.   Heat Transfer paper users of all skill levels can gain useful knowledge on various topics to enhance your decorating experience!
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